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Read: Wire legal bootleg series FAQ

1. So where do you get these recordings from?
We have various sources, including collectors and the band members. Finding the source version of a particular recording can involve some serious detective work.

2. I think I might have a tape of something you might not have..
We are absolutely open to revise the schedule if someone comes up with something stunning. drop use the feedback form and tell us what you have! We are also particularly interested in audience recordings where we already have a good mixing board recording (or vice versa). Combining the two can make for a really good result.

3. So are you selling MP3s of collectors' tapes?
No. Although some of the source material for the Legal Bootleg series came via collectors, plenty of work has gone into each release, to ensure you get a great experience. Recording errors have been fixed, and gigs have been mixed to ensure the best possible sound quality. In some cases, as noted earlier, various sources have been combined for the final item.

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