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Read (Discography): 10:20

Boiling Boy

Gifts of the west winds
Dark and deep
In secret sunsets
Places creep

Lock up your hats
Lock up your hats

Progress with a vision
To practice with at home
A schism with an ism
To practice with at home
A collision with decision
To practice with at home

He transferred his soul
To his imagination
His atoms were excited
And he glowed in the dark
The boiling boy
Was a picture of confusion
But he had the advantage
Of a cold start heart

German Shepherds

I saw three dogs flying/f——ing, there was a man on the end
Squaring the circle and studying zen
I saw a drunk old lady pissing in a bin
It was far too high, she couldn't stop
The man with the photograph failed to appear
In that kind of rain where an umbrella's no use
The bird lay bleeding, I couldn't break its neck
I get anonymous phone bills from a pope I've never met

Don't start me off
It's beginning, to, and back again
Don't start me off

Right now, there's a man who could take advantage
I wouldn't like to spend an hour locked inside him
He always had an eye for it, we all threw a shoe
Nicely underlined, our table turned again

He Knows

In the Baron’s Nippon charger
The co-pilot a façade
In attendance tucked inside
Riding shot-gun talking hard was Bard
Though his kingdom was subsiding
Beyond the distant blue horizon
Elbow dancing in a fashion
Dressed in stolen threads of passion

Stardom's kingdom in scripted lies
The green room tango, hip no ties
Walk this way, get a wise guy prize
Foxtrot partners, cannibalise

Not belonging even caring; you embrace the ever-caring
Eyes of he who views unblinking
Who knows what you are thinking
Ignoring oceans crossing borders
Fulfilling arms providing borders
Awaiting sentence and what the word is
For you know who their lord is

We so greedy, with so much need
Of your attention, of all your love
We're hypnotised, with all your love

Underwater Experiences

I bet your underwater experiences came in handy
When you bit the hand that offered candy
And (which) flashed the smile that sank the ship
And reached the post before the pip
Where salient green depths still refract
To bend the mind and burn/hide the facts

I bet you never learned that you had a track for the vertigo/I knew your head for heights was (but still) responsible for the vertigo
Well I was far too willing to go slow
Launching into attractive space
Falling from that pure state of grace
32 feet per sec per sec per sec per sec
To free my mind and break my neck

The Art Of Persistence

A shadow emerges, suspicion hardens to fact
No trouble, it doubles; faith is fatally stacked
Re-Organises his structure, deathly desire takes hold
Result of the passage, between once young then old

The art of persistence, survival bred skills
Repairs for the final, test of the wills
Persistence, survival, test of the wills
Prepare for the final, perfect rival to kill
Prepare for the final, perfect rival to kill

Under black eyes, smoke signals are blown
The immunity network is both scattered and worn
Buy the best, have good fortune, he's a hunch what's in store
And certain what lies beyond the last door

The interior breaks down, hope's put under the knife
Security's blown for the next and his wife
No overhaul or operation—no! Welcome research can prevent
In communication, the last breath is spent

Small Black Reptile

Sporting effects
In a small black reptile
Broadened at the shoulder
And swing at the hips

Room for a big fish
A crack of whips
Demander of service
And generous tips

Narrow in the eye
And puller of wool
The bow on the purse strings
Diaries full, arrangements fixed

A crossing of arms
The sucking of cheeks
The appetite rich
From scaling peaks

Badges of office
Extensive plates
Cultivating pets
Expensive dates

Wolf Collides

The night a spoon
Fell on my shoe
Was up for grabs
Under review
Wolf collides
With random boar

Our means are old
Our tune is new
Black dis-a-pier
In ocean blue

Slower than the fastest
You can go
A dented shield
In a foreign field
Wolf collides
With random boar

Our means are old
Our tune is new
Black dis-a-pier
In ocean blue