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Read (Discography): Change Becomes Us

Doubles & Trebles

An ally in exile receives an urgent dispatch
When he’s already in trouble, unable to relax
He recognises the cipher, quickly resolves the code
The contents of the message, state, area and road
It was as he’d feared, his cover’s been blown
The extent of the network is now overblown
Overgrown, the apparatus for such an unwelcome event
Incommunicado, the last word is sent

He knows that resistance is futile
But still he prepares for arrivals
He sits perfectly still
Resistance is futile
He awaits the kill
He prepares the arrival
He’s perfectly still
Resistance is futile
On arrival for the kill

He breaks down in this theatre, but hopes not under these lights
Specifically those which gain strategic insights
By the best of good fortune, he had provisions in store
He doubles, then trebles the locks on his door

Keep Exhaling

Relationship, we two darling, conversation is rather still
Inspiration is extinguished. Concentration slips far away

Extra extension prolongs a meeting
Intervention, an accident, hypertension
Brings forth a spark, introspection, confused thoughts, elaboration
Truth still breathing. Confrontation. Keep exhaling

Resulting action occurs at five o’clock: intervention
My love has withered. Situation: this one’s quite low

I don’t feel much, I don’t feel at all,
I’ve been searching for comparisons. Yes! I’m tireless of that way
I’ve been researching a Parisian, it kept me busy today
Tomorrow, I’ll study Europe, by next week the world

Adore Your Island

A hand that opens reveals much to a mind that’s closed
It holds a fragile head in intensive care
Don’t be so worried—you’re the one who should be spared
You’re one who should be spared

You’re the one who should be spared

Don’t be so worried—you’re one who should be spared
The embarrassment, the pain, the need—it’s always the same
First I say I love you, then you are silent
How I adore your island. How I adore your island

You’re the one who should be spared

Re-invent Your Second Wheel

Your past is cloaked in mystery, a book without a history
Your guard is up, your mask in place. Expressionless, your poker face


Your outer skin, it will not peel. Give me a hint of how you feel
Please raise your face, put down your shield
Then re-invent your second wheel


Stealth Of A Stork

Feeling the strain but supporting the action
One-legged surveillance and the stealth of a stork
Probing the shallows and measuring the depth
He catches a morsel he’s bound to regret. Change!

Bleaching the bones, false nails and extractions
Arriving in port on the eve of a storm
Hugging the shadows, collecting a debt
Nothing’s immortal, it’s so hard to forget. Change!

Backing your instincts but slow to react
An innocent bystander but witness to the fact. Change!

Feeling the strain, hard to walk away

B/W Silence

I’m mourning the passing of a moment, in black and white silence
Uneasily, I slept
I cannot accept your tears as an answer
Or is this an excuse for your selfishness?

I came, it was so... I wanted to go
I came, it was so... I wanted to go

Irrational in the extreme, it makes such perfect sense
Lost in a moment, cold without regret
Was this an excuse for my selfishness?

I came, it was so... I wanted to go
I came, it was so... I wanted to go

Time Lock Fog

Wakened from a living sleep, demons rise up
Violent tremors, aftershocks. Toys are banished
Attempts to vanish, all had failed

Broke your heart, blew your brain out
No wholly grail for staunch believers

Brave the nights, face your fears: hidden, passive years
Deep inside my time lock fog, faith and god were lost
Abandoned, enveloping smoke

Tears fell where there was no hope
No wholly grail for staunch believers

Magic Bullet

Spied the armada in sight of the shore line
A sense of foreboding never tasted before

Fell through the floor, I’ve hit my ceiling
Out of my depth, over my head

Cloud Cuckoo-land was clearly in view
My magic bullet, blunt and unglued

Fell through the floor, bounced off the ceiling
Bolt for the door, out of my head

A voice from the north shouted: “Do it my way!”
I went through the roof in a no-no display!

I threw myself flat on to your border fence
The damage I did is in self defence

Fell through the floor, I reached my ceiling
Out of my depth, over my head

Eels Sang

A robin’s bad air spin, Courrèges was its designer
Main mast red, bliss nurse bin liner, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

Pagen hen coin, working yen, our kid was in West China
Simon cow pink note E-minor, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

No stinking Butlin’s Ian, playing cupid an angina
i.e. brine, night sown too inky, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

A pair of Stewart Graingers, henna brought back the old timer
School mint tea, sackcloth inside her, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

Miss Soul a poignant red, Bach wrote songs in Asia Minor
Handy lion switch sale of panther, Heidi nil and eels sang (lino)

Love Bends

Love bends the earth, it straightens the road
It dives for pearls, it lightens the load

Love bends the rules, making good out of bad
Opens your eyes, helping you understand

Love bends are worst, drive you out of your mind
Stop you from eating, losing track of all time

Love bends are cursed, strike you down from behind
Give you night vision, makes you soft, make you kind

Love bends are bad, they quicken the blood
They make you better, they make you feel good

As We Go

Green jungle, the eventual abode
In which the specimen grows

We swim and splash as we go

Adorning your bodies with ornaments
Protecting your borders with armaments

We sing and dance as we go. We sing and dance in the Congo

Shifting your shape and the scenery
Misuse and abuse of machinery

We sing and dance as we go. We sing and dance in the Congo

Remove vegetation, clear the trees
It all becomes part of our history

We swing advance as we go. We swing advance, we’re on show
We sing and dance as we go. We sing and dance in the Congo

& Much Besides

Rescued from uncertain fates aided by subtle metamorphic shifts
An unwrapped past? Maybe. A chance to reconfigure DNA? Perhaps
Could allow new horizons to become our vantage point

Play up, play out, play hard, play fair
Say echoes from an unknowable past
Even though edifices rise and crumble, our narratives give choice
A shining path to absolution, or endless folly?

To bring a culture of new beginnings must surely be the desired result
Directives remain flippant while much remains unresolved

But change becomes us all in time—the course is set!

Attractive Space

The consequences are mainly underrated
Flat glasses full, the prize inflated
Sharpen the weapons of your trade
To endure, as well as you gave
Spinning often, in a trance
The surface smooth, don’t take the chance

Aqua plane in torrent pelt, skid across MacAdam’s belt
Was it a miracle? That’s how it felt

Launch into attractive space, falling from that pure state of grace
52 feet per sec per sec per sec per sec

To free my mind and break my neck