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Read (Discography): Eardrum Buzz

Eardrum Buzz

No switch in this dark, but you search anyway
This is the night, here in the day
One thing remains perfectly clear
It's the buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

Zee zee zee, zum zum
Buzz buzz, buzz buzz in the eardrum

Now you live in the world of the wave
And you scratch your name on the walls of the cave
Instincts never leave you perfectly clear
There's always a buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

Marco Polo has lost his way
The Louisville Lip has nothing to say
One thing remains perfectly clear
The buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

Custard Jack has lost his Mac
Captain Flash won't give it back
It seemed to them both perfectly clear
The buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

Buffalo Bill, deprived of will
Chasing a hamburger down the hill
It seemed to him perfectly clear
The buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

Adolf turned out very nice
Hannibal is afraid of mice
One thing remains perfectly clear
It's the buzz buzz buzz in the drum of the ear

The Offer

About to make an offer of something
Once seen & taken apart
This is the shape of interference
Please do not adjust your heart

Now touching the edges of something
Wanting to find tune the response
Could I ever erase the influence?
Brushing in against what's (already) understood

Dredging shifting basic phrasing
Once seen and taken to heart
I felt your red colour
I scratch your head again

Staring trying embracing gazing
I shot your silver dollar
Fill the space within your heart
You wear my golden collar


Lips growing for service, eyes steady for peeling
Bring on the special guest, a monkey caught stealing

Standard reward in corners, it's full-board in new quarters
Kneeling for pleasure ensures a good time

I remember, I remember making the body search
That it was nothing but enough for ahead

Someone is taking you, someone has taken me
T. V. doesn't understand a word that matters

Scattering desire to smouldering fires
Someone has taken you, someone is taking me

Kidney Bingos

Natural splits sunburn jets pride marks smart bets
Strikers luck pitch backs heap tips pit slacks
Dressed pints demon shrinks bread drunk dead drinks
Stretch clubs models box draw skin black shocks

Money spines paper lung kidney bingos organ fun

Flag stunt rock stone dole axe crash dive
Breath thrift take speed double take weekends
Skull row drugs hall colour bars sex calls
Sparkle finds rented rings pretty things clipped wings

Gold street spy fleet scandal food poor treat
Fire run club gun rule mob burn some
Bomb time pop crime stock frame steady climb
Fresh name donor game fair meat all the same

Silk Skin Paws

You have nothing to fear
I'm just making enquiries
Dog bone hunting
Gives you back to yourself
Standing before me
The gargoyle turns
Jutting jaws and
The stubble burns

I shift the blame
To the worm in the bottle
I shift the blame
To anyone standing before me

I check-up the once-over
Give yourself an opening
Keep your mouth shut
In the event of an accident
Contact the following
A certain air
An invading smile
Inbreeding seals the flaw

Silk skin paws
Hang by both feet
Embracing the world
Hang the expense
Breugels cut corners
Wring out the senses
I have nothing like it
I've seen nothing like it

A Serious Of Snakes

It looks serious, is that a paper I see in your hand?
Then a pause for a German phrase: "Nie wieder nie wieder, nie wieder nie wieder"
Never again, none of your lip, y'tulip
Y'tulip, y'pea-brained earwig, y'punk, y'silver-tongued shnake
I'd rather make furniture than go to midnight mass

Y'tulip, y'pea-brained earwig
Y'punk, y'silver-tongued shnake

He's a genius in research, I simply fell in love, I've got your ZIP code?
Overthere USA, green-turbaned angels annex the right bank
Baby, in a shambolic sideshow they abandoned the baby
The baby trained, baby returns, baby kills Mary and Joseph

Talk about laughing, I might have defeated cancer, or so they say
Electrocuted, I was transformed into a foot soldier of the good general
Passionate for knights in the heart of ancient Persia, fearless to go forth
Fearless to adapt, then blow to pieces

Please send your God my very best wishes. Does He still sing?
Does He still fish? Does He still help you on your days off?
Don't stopping that dripping, I prefer the old tortures
It's only when you stop that I feel it

When you lose the ship, it's like losing a part of you
I have a sense of my exposure, it's all on the neg.
I try to use 2 instead of 3, ah, but I have secrets
And there's a story in me, it starts

Dot dot dot dot dot dot