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Read (Discography): Life in the Manscape

Life In The Manscape

Fun in the manscape
It's coming apart
The soul is for hire
And they've sold the heart
Operate the radar
Hit the switches
Try to find a way to live
Please by the brochure

Life in the manscape
It's part of the deal
The pope of pop
Drives a church of steel
Deep pile acquaintances
Hollow after dinner
Accommodate inflation
Nervous fingers on the trigger

Love in the manscape
Guaranteed real
You feel what you pay
And you pay what you feel
Unfamiliar letters
Anagram situations
Silence please!
Poets at work

Free speech and more TV
Distribute liberally
I'd like mine to be
A true facsimile

Gravity Worship

The sustained belief
In manpowered flight
Draws an eager crowd
I decided to launch
But without wings
It's a divine and helpless spin

Gravity dictates
And worship defines

The time to plan
He's the holy ghost
The streets are clipper
Follow their prompt

Last ditch dieters
Reach for their chairs
Empty white-fisted
Bumbling rushers
Diving in baskets
They bury their treasure
The journey's curtailed
You've got to meet the horizon

Gravity dictates
But worship defines
Gravity dictates
But worship defines

The journey's curtailed
You've got to meet the horizon
It's not in the brochure
The perspective has frozen

Who Has Nine?

Shocked, hooked by burial, sedated ethics
Work some ethics, champagne to inject
Mascara ha-ha's make up memorials
Retouched pictorials, (it's) a cover-up job

View of the park
Up in lights
Scared of the dark

Wig-wearers' clinic, sold out and stalling
The face-lift is falling as the curtain comes down
Has-been revivals with co-star attractions
Knee-jerk reactions, the bouquet is taken/accepted

View of the park
Up in time
Safe in the dark

The sleeping partners were just like brothers
Different mothers without a father in sight
Sing song torture, preview distress
Subhuman empress, dead sea calm

Up and tied
Blow on a spark
Up and tied
(Who's) Scared of the dark

Up in lights
View of the park
Up in lights
Afraid of the dark