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Read (Discography): Read & Burn 02

Read & Burn

Read and burn and

You never know, never

They can
They might
They can
They will


Experts in paradise—religious extremism
Toxic stimulation—enforced radiation
Fail safe, cut price—quick save, quick fix
Bostik, headfix—speedy guzzle, licks lips
Signal, ratio—whores and Byrons everywhere
Reject, fundraiser—well spent parasite
Cool jerk, widow-work—punk chaser and a tango
Rich lice, avarice, brutalised and mummified
Lifeless, limelight. Ape man, keep your hair on
Ten years later, kill your poor and break them up

Rancid battery acid: fuel for dirty minds
Two-piece generator, neither art or science
Empty distillery, who's the hero tonight?
Sceptic industry, f——ed it just for spite


Flaccid cat, hairy assets, cool fur, 30, blind
Deep space simulator, needs a sex appliance
Tempted by symmetry, threw a certain dice
Septic hugging tree, sucked its crust for spit



Subject requested
Heard in double density
Future contested
Do you have the dentistry?
Making the payment
Heads will surely roll for this
Making a statement
Welcome to the abyss

Maybe I'm restless
But it all comes down to this
Art of the senseless
Is there something you might miss?
Well I've heard it all and seen it all
And there won't be much to measure
And behind the scenes instead of dreams
There's trash instead of treasure

Subject detected
And ownership disputed
Development arrested
Their lives have been re-routed
Major reads minors
Left outside with stars in their eyes
Cold water diviners
Will turn promises into lies

Nice Streets Above

Nice streets, such nice streets, such nice streets above

Raft Ants

Nasdaq, stealth tax, Big Mac, heart attack
White bread, Emin bed, in bred, pellet fed
High camp, rubberstamp, wheel-clamp, rising damp
Tim Roth, Tiger Moth, altar cloth, froth

Raft ants, lap-dance, GM plants, sycophants
Ebiola, Coca Cola, Emil Zola, Motorola
Marquee moon, Looney tunes, what's up, wooden spoon
Cheap laugh, aftermath, autograph, acid bath

Social climb, parking fine, prime time, quick lime
Chief greeter, wife beater, by the hour, off the meter
Lawn mower, flame thrower, watch out, whistle blower
Cheap tabs, land grab, space lab, rehab


Faith never skirted sense
Man has a wooden master
Chewing makes you anxious
Monkey neglected the needle

Pulsating Venus popped my sonar
Accorded temptation by symmetry
In event of lightning striking twice
The road ahead looks quite uncertain