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Read (Discography): The Ideal Copy

The Point Of Collapse

They're checking for traps for one of the chaps
In the backroom, Jimmy's counting the stamps
Death in the living room, his favourite sport

A happy end
The point of collapse

There's no space in my car, all my papers are false
What am I doing? You're carrying a bag

In a free climbing, two-timing
Three legged waltz

Can I leave a message? But don't use my voice
Don't trust a man, don't give him the choice
Of removing his jacket when he says he's one of the boys


Lips growing for service, eyes steady for peeling
Bring on the special guest, a monkey caught stealing

Standard reward in corners, it's full-board in new quarters
Kneeling for pleasure ensures a good time

I remember, I remember making the body search
That it was nothing but enough for ahead

Someone is taking you, someone has taken me
T. V. doesn't understand a word that matters

Scattering desire to smouldering fires
Someone has taken you, someone is taking me

Madman's Honey

A grand mute proof at Nemrt Dag
That man's as mad as a hatter

How does it feel when it's revealed?
You've reached the living end

Master cut the stone out
My name is Lubert Das
Abandoned now as the grass grows out
Of the head and groin of the dome

How does it feel with one turn of the wheel?
You reach the living end

Master cut the stone out
My name is Lubert DAs
A far-u ranch at Ufra Charin
Fish ponds and a madman's honey

How does it feel, is it hard to conceal?
When you reach the living end

Feed Me

What's the point
It's your table
I alter my altar
For every mouthful
I hunger

Feed me

Don't give me that
It's your table
I grow by in inches
For every mouthful, you're living
For every mouthful, I'm running

How fast do you run?
How fast can you run?


Chain-link route ways
Digital time base
New hours for these days
New files engaged
Strangeness detectors
Collage charmers
Magnetic behaviour
Quarks and order

When it's cold, I feel cold
When it's hot, I feel ambitious
Fit for a princess
Hot on the heels of an angel
Are you hot? Are you hot?
Are you hot? Are you hot?
Are you hot? Are you hot?
I feel ambitious

The ideal copy is the same
The ideal copy has your name
When you can't, it makes you can
When you aren't, it makes you am

The ideal copy is what you want
When you won't, it makes you will
The ideal copy makes you happy
The ideal copy


Cheeking Tongues

Oh, what gets revealed in the inland sea
Eels in lungs, a mystery
Begin to pull in and out then stomachs wail
For what went astray, for what went astray

Oh, that cheeking tongue
Oh, that cheating lunge
Were you there? Were you there?
Were you there? Were you there?
It's all history

Delirious vandals struggle with metres
A cheek tango with litres
Witch fits and almost sick half-track associations
Appear on parade, appear on parade

Unrefined, the final scam
It didn't rhyme, it didn't matter
A soundtrack for your silence

Still Shows

Steel testing on
Long good mornings
We make our days
As our days make us

Cutting the rabbit
Pressing skin
Selecting gear
Tearing about

In extravagant promises
Mysterious terrors thrive
Judgement dies into scenic affects
Yellow, it still shows, it still shows through

Skinning the rabbit
Dressing the skin
Selecting an ear
Tearing about

Over Theirs

Something snapped, over and over
Something snapped, over the horizon
Something burst, over and over
Something burst, just out of sight

Like a rope on the border, over and over
Like a damn on the boundary, just out of sight
Over and over, just below the skyline
Over and over, just out of sight

Something broke, over and over
Something broke, over the way
Something dropped, over and over
Something dropped, just out of sight

Over and over, just below the skyline
Over and over, just out of sight
Over and under, under the sideline
Over and under, just out of sight

Selected bonus tracks

A Serious Of Snakes

It looks serious, is that a paper I see in your hand?
Then a pause for a German phrase: "Nie wieder nie wieder, nie wieder nie wieder"
Never again, none of your lip, y'tulip
Y'tulip, y'pea-brained earwig, y'punk, y'silver-tongued shnake
I'd rather make furniture than go to midnight mass

Y'tulip, y'pea-brained earwig
Y'punk, y'silver-tongued shnake

He's a genius in research, I simply fell in love, I've got your ZIP code?
Overthere USA, green-turbaned angels annex the right bank
Baby, in a shambolic sideshow they abandoned the baby
The baby trained, baby returns, baby kills Mary and Joseph

Talk about laughing, I might have defeated cancer, or so they say
Electrocuted, I was transformed into a foot soldier of the good general
Passionate for knights in the heart of ancient Persia, fearless to go forth
Fearless to adapt, then blow to pieces

Please send your God my very best wishes. Does He still sing?
Does He still fish? Does He still help you on your days off?
Don't stopping that dripping, I prefer the old tortures
It's only when you stop that I feel it

When you lose the ship, it's like losing a part of you
I have a sense of my exposure, it's all on the neg.
I try to use 2 instead of 3, ah, but I have secrets
And there's a story in me, it starts

Dot dot dot dot dot dot


Are you level? How's your trim?
Do you rotate, eddy, or spin?
Are you game? What's your trick?
Do you vibrate, bounce, or tick?
What's your cut? Are you correct?
Do you detour, bend, or stretch?

We're milling through the grinder, grinding through the mill
If this is not an exercise, could it be a drill?

How's it with you? What's your form?
Your outline, shape, or form
How's your price? What do you cost?
Your value, profit, or loss
How's your skull? Does it fit?
Is your mind free, empty, or split?

Drill drill drill
Dugga dugga dugga

Advantage In Height

A brief Bombay, Colossus encounter
A holy rolling, rhino blessing

Two men in white, an advantage in height
In appearance unique, in action delivers

The light fades, the sun never never sets
A: a double blow, B: an immortal being

A creator lover, a bee-driver
A therez wipe-out, a therez wipeout

Up To The Sun/A Vivid Riot Of Red

I hire an idiot to flood
A canvas in a riot of red
I hire an idiot to flood
A canvas in a riot of red
Up to the sun shall go
Thy heartache in a riot of red
Up to the sun shall go
Thy jaundice in a riot of red
May this person go unscathed
And be free of yellow colour
May this person go unscathed
And be free of yellow colour

In the colour of the red bull
I envelop you
Whilst more red planes still fly east
I envelop you

After a dawn of anxious waiting
To swim in the streets is scintillating

Ambulance Chasers (Live)

Ever creeping and climbing
The dogs keep on griming
F——ing and sliming
No sense of timing
Anytime is all right
For what they've got in mind
Watch the front
Watch your behind
When they come
Arse sniffing
Wanting to kiss and make up
So terribly cut up
Oh, so terribly cut up
Oh, so terribly cut up