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Read (Discography): The Scottish Play


Faith never skirted sense
Man has a wooden master
Chewing makes you anxious
Monkey neglected the needle

Pulsating Venus popped my sonar
Accorded temptation by symmetry
In event of lightning striking twice
The road ahead looks quite uncertain

Germ Ship

Germ ship
Aliens on board
Fatal attraction
Sponsored by Ford

Mr Marx's Table

It's a long climb
It's the wrong time
It's a bad sign
You've crossed the line

You've come a long way
For such a short stay
And I'm sad to say
It's too late to pray

1st Fast

Able missives
Rich deciduous
Coppiced riff
Meets aphorism

Who's the bastard?
Where's the payoff?

Read & Burn

Read and burn and

You never know, never

They can
They might
They can
They will

The Agfers Of Kodack

Nest in a bird, an enemy flew in
Fashion a life out of audio ruin
Farmers of god, is it good what you're doing?
Chanting a curse whilst religiously chewing

Is it time to repair? Is it time for unlocking?
To the shrine of the nomads, the pilgrims are flocking
Tracing a bee-line to witness a flogging
A slayer of giants in the finest of stockings

Hearing the cheering of mothers and daughters
There's change in the air and a shortage of water
A bounty is posted, conditions: no quarter
Don't bargain with fish which are still in the water

A love of the camera; a stomach for slaughter
Fresh from the front: our favourite reporter
The risks are increasing, she'd hang if they caught her
The odds on survival grow shorter and shorter...

Is it time to repair? Is it time for unlocking?
To the shrine of the nomads, the pilgrims are flocking
Tracing a bee-line to witness a flogging
A slayer of giants in the finest of stockings


It's coming fast
It's a comet
Coming this way
With your name on it

It's a heaven sent
Extinction event

And the chorus goes
B- b- b- b- bang, then a whimper

In The Art Of Stopping

Trust me
Believe me
It's all in the art of stopping


Experts in paradise—religious extremism
Toxic stimulation—enforced radiation
Fail safe, cut price—quick save, quick fix
Bostik, headfix—speedy guzzle, licks lips
Signal, ratio—whores and Byrons everywhere
Reject, fundraiser—well spent parasite
Cool jerk, widow-work—punk chaser and a tango
Rich lice, avarice, brutalised and mummified
Lifeless, limelight. Ape man, keep your hair on
Ten years later, kill your poor and break them up

Rancid battery acid: fuel for dirty minds
Two-piece generator, neither art or science
Empty distillery, who's the hero tonight?
Sceptic industry, f——ed it just for spite


Flaccid cat, hairy assets, cool fur, 30, blind
Deep space simulator, needs a sex appliance
Tempted by symmetry, threw a certain dice
Septic hugging tree, sucked its crust for spit


I Don't Understand

Over the edge, under an illusion, void in a room
On the slide, the time is coming, your ears pinned back
To think ahead, I must be right, just keep watching
I'm on the floor, avert your gaze, turn away

You've had your chance

Corrected vision, behind the lines, your hole is full
Hint of danger, the time is coming, I'm on the level
Face the facts, you're in a bad dream, your time is up

You've had your chance
The lights are out
No one's at home
Give me a break

Because I don't understand
I don't understand

Your brain stinks, you're off the list, I don't understand
Back up your tree, frightened sick, I don't understand
Bite the bullet, bottle it up, make a line in the sand
You've made your point, get over it, you've made your stand
Move on or move over, out of order, catch you later


There's something strange going on tonight
Something going on that's not quite right
Joey's nervous and the lights are bright
There's something going on that's not quite right

There's something going down that wasn't here before
Keep your eyes glued to the floor
No one's gonna save your life
Something strange is going on tonight

106 Beats That

If he had a room, he'd paint it white,
survives the day, prefers the night,
build slight

Got a head for figures
No time for bicker(er)s
(Or so he says)
Prefers the company of a woman

Finds it more physical (that's an important word),
always seen first then heard,
such a rare bird

With praise he glows, with change he grows, finds that important, hates waiting, it's not stimulating, likes celebrating, I can't understand why that is so funny, that is sex

Surgeon's Girl

Sitting in a surgeon's world, as surgeons will, a surgeon's girl with me
Standing on a river bed, where weeds can be, I'm on my knee to you

I've seen you in glossy mags, I've seen you and you see me

Said you weren't a tuna fish, put in a tin, they're very big, ha ha

Pink Flag

I was sold up the river to the red slave trade
The stores were gathered, the plans were laid
Synchronised watches at 18:05
How many dead or alive in 1955?

The pink flag was screaming, bugle boys sucked and blew
No time for confessions, orders given
Books were cooked on the 4th of the 3rd
How many seen or heard on the 12th of the 3rd?

How many dead or alive?