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Us: Colin Newman.

Colin Newman

Colin Newman

Colin Newman is Wire's front-man, rhythm guitarist and main tunesmith. In recent years, he's also become Wire's premier back-room boy, responsible for mixing, post-production and authoring all Wire releases. He also runs the Pinkflag label, which releases new and archive Wire material, on behalf of the band.

As well as his involvement with Wire, Colin has worked on many other projects. Along with releasing six solo albums, he's produced, arranged and remixed The Virgin Prunes, Minimal Compact, French megastar Alain Bashung, Hawkwind, Dead Man Ray and Silo.

Since the early 1990s, Colin has co-run the groundbreaking Swim label with his wife, Malka Spigel. The pair's collaboration extends to artistic projects, too, the best known of which is Immersion; however, Malka and Colin work jointly on all Swim-released work under either of their names. Swim has also released work by many other artists (often realised in Swim's studio), including: Lobe, Ronnie & Clyde, g-man, Silo, Symptoms, Akatombo, and Toucaen.

Since early 2004, Colin has been a member of Githead, a band featuring Malka, sound artist Robin Rimbaud (of Scanner fame) and Minimal compact drummer Max Franken. The band's second album, Art Pop was released in May 2007.

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